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Chiropractic Care and Neuroplasticity Post Stroke: A Case Report

In 2020, 27,428 Australians experience stroke for the first time in their lives. This equates to about one stroke every 19 minutes. [1] It is one of the biggest killers of the Australian population and there are hundreds of thousands of individuals living with the ongoing effects of stroke right now. While the majority of…

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Cranial Chiropractic Care in an Adult: Case report

Usually when we hear about cranial work in the wide world of chiropractic, it has to do with the care of infants and young children. The bones of the cranium are still malleable in the months immediately post birth, and even a gentle touch-and-hold type intervention can create profound changes for the baby. But is…

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Agreement of primary outcomes in chiropractic-related registered clinical trial protocols and publications

Clinical trial registries are integral to the world of evidence-based medicine. They provide a database of information, assist in monitoring selective reporting of outcome measures, disclosing publication bias, and preventing duplication of trials. Researchers can also observe the records of non-published trials when investigating a similar theme or hypothesis. These databases are like a super…

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Muscular Dystrophy under Chiropractic Care

Muscular Dystrophy is not the kind of diagnosis that anyone likes to hear. Usually diagnosed in childhood, it refers to a group of genetic diseases that result in progressive loss of muscle strength and mass. At this point in time, there is no cure, although some treatments can aid in the management of the condition…

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New Report Examines the Post-Pandemic Research Era

The further we move through this pandemic the more we are familiarising ourselves with the effects, both short and long, of COVID-19 infections. In news we like about as much as the sound of nails on a chalk board, it has been discovered that many individuals recovering from infection are experiencing residual problems, commonly referred…

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Resolution of a left sided trigger finger in a 2½ year-old female

The first association many of us have with the term “Trigger finger” is that of Western movies and stand-off scenes, perhaps with a tumbleweed rolling by. But for many, trigger finger is actually a disorder called “stenosing tenosynovitis” which causes one of the fingers to get stuck in a bent position. Not fun for anyone,…

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Forward head posture and nerve conduction: new study

It’s no big secret that forward head carriage is bad news. In fact, some may say it is a leading postural concern for chiropractors who deal with it almost every day. We know that it can contribute to disc degeneration due to the abnormal weight distribution on the vertebra. We also know it can contribute…

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Coeliacs Disease under Chiropractic Care: Case Report

Coeliac’s Disease is a monster we know well these days. It’s an autoimmune disease provoked by proteins present in gluten-containing foods such as wheat, rye, and barley, and sometimes even similar proteins, such as those found in oats. These proteins cause the flattening of villi (villous atrophy) leading to malabsorption and gastrointestinal issues. It also…

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Chiropractic in the Management of Dysmenorrhea – Case Report

Yes, we are talking about period pain today. Sadly, period pain is a reality for many people. While there are levels to that, dysmenorrhea lies at the extreme end of the spectrum, where severe pain and tenderness interferes with daily activities. Sufferers may be forced to miss days of work or school, and often have…

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RCT Examines Neurodynamic Interventions in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Autoimmune disorders are a broad family of illnesses and syndromes, and their management is a serious issue for consideration as the pain and inflammation that comes with the disorders is ongoing in its nature. Thus, when a new study comes out looking at neurodynamic interventions for Multiple Sclerosis (delivered via manual therapy), we are all…

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Resolution of Facial Palsy under Chiropractic Care: A Case Report

A new case report has just hit the Asia Pacific Chiropractic Journal, covering a novel presentation of facial paralysis in a 13-month-old child. Facial palsy is a rare and complex condition, that differs greatly in its prognosis depending on whether it is congenital or due to a birth trauma. Either way, the chiropractic management of…

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