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About Us

We’re seeking the answers to chiropractic’s biggest questions.

At ASRF, we’re developing a clear understanding of vertebral subluxation and its effects, by funding scientifically testable research drawing on the philosophical tenets of chiropractic. We lead our profession by facilitating global research in the areas of vertebral subluxation science and the clinical benefits of chiropractic care for the human population.

Our Vision

A clear understanding of vertebral subluxation.

Our Mission

To fund & facilitate research,
and educate chiropractors, communities & peak bodies
on the effectiveness of chiropractic care.

Our Strategic Goals

  • The world leader in funding and facilitating quality vertebral subluxation-focussed research.

  • Educating chiropractors, communities and peak bodies on the effectiveness of vertebral subluxation-based chiropractic care.

Our Impact

We’re now the world’s largest funder and facilitator of chiropractic research. Since our inception in 1977, we have:
  • Contributed greatly to chiropractic research

  • Funded 251 research projects at a cost in excess of AUD$2.9M

  • Developed a unique and robust research review process to assess grant applications before funding is granted

  • Created a panel of international experts from both academic and field practice to provide peer review

  • Become an approved Deductible Gift Recipient for tax deductible donations made by Australian residents

  • Gained recognition in the CAF America system, enabling US residents to make tax deductible donations.

Our Governance

Our volunteer Board of Governors is responsible and accountable for the Foundation’s financial management, human resources and compliance with all legal, financial and ethical obligations. Our Board also grants or denies funding approval for all research applications.

The Board are supported by our Associate Governors who play an integral role within the operations of the Foundation.

The Foundation’s Clinical Advisory Panel and Research Committee are critical to our research process and ensure the Foundation’s mission is realised.

All these volunteers are supported by our Head Office staff who carry out many of the operational duties.

See our current Board here.

Volunteers wearing blue shirts

Our Volunteers

The ASRF benefits from an amazing group of volunteers. Every year, a range of volunteers lend their physical, intellectual or leadership skills to a myriad of activities.

This builds a strong sense of camaraderie and allows the Foundation to dramatically reduce costs, raise funds and better serve the chiropractic community.

Want to Join?

If you’d love to be part of a like-minded community of chiropractors investigating vertebral subluxation, then take a look at our membership options.


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