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ASRF Case Report Project

Now Seeking Submissions

In 2021, we have been raising funds for some very important research – the ‘ASRF Case Report Project’. This exciting project is designed to gather front-line evidence in the form of case study information, from Chiropractors like you.

We know you see incredible stories and transformations take place in your practice all the time, but did you know they can contribute powerfully to the evidence and narrative about our profession?

We want to capture these stories in a way that is simple and relevant, transforming them into much-needed case reports focused on the effects of chiropractic care on things like stress, immunity and adaptability. To do this, we’ll be asking Chiropractors to participate by signing up to provide one or more case studies to us.

ASRF Case Report Project
ASRF Case Report Project Fuide

Deadline for Submission – 30th June, 2021

We will provide you with a very simple template (download below). The idea is to make it super easy for you to share your stories with us, then we will write it up. We are asking you to use client notes that you already have, so you can look back over your client list and provide us with information that you feel relates to our focus areas.

All you have to do is:

  1. Choose a case from your existing patients.
  2. Download the Guide, then tell us all about your case/s, using notes or a voice recording.
  3. Email us the info and case notes etc, then we write it up for you and turn it into a Case Report!

Participants will be acknowledged as the Author/s of the resulting Case Report, and will be recognised by the ASRF whenever we distribute the Reports. The ASRF will be acknowledged as having funded and facilitated the Case Reports.

All studies will reviewed by the Foundation’s Clinical Advisory Panel (CAP) before approval and publication, in line with our two-stage approval process. Participants should be aware that if we receive submissions that don’t fit within our focus areas or Research Agenda, we may choose not to move forward with publication. Additionally, we have the capacity to publish a limited number of Reports, so if we receive many submissions, we may choose to hold off on publishing some. Participants will be kept informed of progress, once submission is received.