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Supporter Membership

Supporter Membership

We’d love you to become a Member of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation.

You’ll be helping to develop a knowledge-base that delivers certainty, clarity and confidence to our profession.

Our Supporter Members share our Vision and are a cooperative of like-minded people who have a common view of health and well-being principles and are willing to drive scientific evidence to further the benefits for all.

supporter membership

Supporter Membership Options

Supporter Membership (without voting rights)

  • For people passionate about chiropractic and the health and well-being of people worldwide
  • This level of membership is NOT available to Chiropractors. All Chiropractors must hold a Full Membership.



  • Supporter Member
  • Member fee only

$10 per month

  • Supporter Partner
  • Member fee + donation

$15 or more per month

Our Partners are Members who not only belong to ASRF but are drivers in funding research to fill gaps in chiropractic knowledge. This research enhances our understanding of vertebral subluxation, producing outcomes with strong clinical relevance for chiropractors.

Terms and conditions apply to being a Member of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation. Monthly deductions are ongoing and auto-renewable. If a Member wishes to cease membership, the Foundation must be notified by email via

Please carefully read all Terms and Conditions, available for download here.

IMPORTANT: All fees are in Australian Dollars. Membership may be tax deductable.

Membership Benefits

  • Being a pro-active part of the Foundation’s mission to facilitate research that furthers the understanding and development of chiropractic care
  • Monthly Members e-Newsletter, including an exclusive chiropractic video & White Paper
  • Access to exclusive fact sheets on our research projects
  • Access to our Members-only Facebook group where you can connect with meaningful discussions about Chiropractic
  • Discounts and access to a variety of memberships and subscriptions, events and resources from a range of chiropractic organisations
  • Discounts on a range of Foundation resources & products
  • Reduced registration for Foundation seminars
  • Membership certificate to display in practice
  • Use of the Foundation’s Members Logo for use online and in print
  • Annual Report recognition


For me, that’s where the ASRF comes in. For a tiny amount of money per month I can be sure I have access to the latest meaningful research for my style of practice, as well as knowing that I am giving back to the fabulous chiropractors who choose to serve our communities by slogging it out in the lab, doing what I know I can’t. So I can keep taking great care of my practice members, by supporting them throughout their lives, and ensuring that they have everything they need to make great choices about their health.

Dr. Alison Asher (Chiropractor)

Queensland, Australia
There are some things that as a Chiropractor you just do. Being a financial contributor to Spinal Research is one of those things. Everyone in this profession benefits either directly or indirectly from the research supported. It is a privilege to be a part of this important process and one that borders on responsibility. The quote by Hillel the Elder comes to mind – “If not you, then who? If not now, when?”

Dr. Bettina Tornatora and Dr. Jim Karagiannis (Chiropractors)

Melbourne, Australia
Being a member of the ASRF means I get to stay in the know of what is going on in chiropractic while supporting chiropractic research. This makes me feel in total integrity with caring for my community.

Dr. Abbey Hernandez (Chiropractor)

Huntington Beach, CA. USA