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Spinal Research facilitates research that investigates the hypothesis that chiropractic care leads to better nervous system function, thereby enhancing health, quality of life and human performance.

This research builds an evidence base in support of chiropractic, and grows certainty within the profession and community, resulting in chiropractic becoming a first choice in health care.

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Spinal Research communicates a wide variety of information through a range of publications, seminars and science symposia, as well as: Parker Seminars, Dynamic Growth Congress; Dynamic Growth Experience; Jumpstart for Students; and other seminars.

This knowledge informs and enables chiropractic professionals, leaders and influencers to understand and communicate the benefits of chiropractic care.

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We believe that people deserve a healthy, happy life, and that chiropractic helps them achieve it. There are so many ways you can get involved in helping Spinal Research create & communicate knowledge.

By becoming a Chiropractic Research Partner or Member, donating money, or holding a fundraising event, you’ll help chiropractic take its place as an integral and lasting part of community health.