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Welcome to the Australian Spinal Research Foundation

The Australian Spinal Research Foundation (ASRF) was established in 1977, and is internationally the largest chiropractic research funding organisation.

A world leader in funding and facilitating quality vertebral subluxation-focused research.

Educating chiropractors, communities and peak bodies on the effectiveness of VS-based chiropractic care.

Welcome to the Australian Spinal Research Foundation
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The ASRF invites you to consider supporting the work to increase the global body of evidence-based knowledge around vertebral subluxation, to support continued best practice applications of chiropractic care.

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The Impact and Support of the Foundation

We have committed to funding and facilitating quality research investigating vertebral subluxation.

It’s a bold plan – one that we can achieve because of our global collective of Members, Donors and Supporters.


Play a pro-active part in investigating the vertebral subluxation and its effects

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Membership to the Australian Spinal Research Foundation allows you to pro-actively play a part in investigating the vertebral subluxation and its effects, and the impact chiropractic care has on human function.

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Sleep, mood and resilience: new case report asks, can chiropractic help?

As research starts to delve further and further into the world of non-musculoskeletal possibilities in the world of chiropractic, a new theme is taking its place under the proverbial microscope. This theme goes right to the heart of chiropractic – if chiropractic reduces subluxation so the nervous system can better self-heal and self-regulate, can this…

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Chiropractic and Paediatric Hearing Loss – new case report

While we have seen some evidence that chiropractic may assist in managing ear infections (technically called otitis media), with case reports and systematic reviews churning out varying levels of evidence of positive paediatric outcomes, hearing loss is a much more severe issue. On that, we have less evidence. Therefore, the question “Can chiropractic help with…

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New Study Measures the Force of Chiropractic Adjustments

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times: chiropractors don’t ‘crack’ backs and necks. We carefully adjust, often in gentle ways (depending on the needs and nervous system of the person under care). But beyond the experience of getting adjusted, what can we actually say about the force measures used to deliver…

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