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Our Fundraisers

Spinal Research Heroes

Spinal Research Heroes are fundraising for chiropractic research and having a lot of fun along the way!  Here are our amazing supporters, their stories, and how they are supporting us in our Mission to fund and facilitate research that furthers the understanding and development of chiropractic care.

“We never know how far reaching something we may think, say or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow”. B.J. Palmer

Featuring Spinal Research Hero: James Staciwa

Life Without Limits – From the Streets to the Mountaintop

In 2019, one of our Spinal Research Heroes did something extraordinary. Not only did James compete in 3 extremely challenging events, but he raised funds for Spinal Research through his work helping out homeless people in his community. Amazing stuff!

Past and Present Supporters and Their Stories

Spinal Research Hero Month 2021
Hero Month
Spinal Research Hero Month 2020
Dean Rieder
Dean Rieder
Alleve Total Wellbeing
Mile High present ASRF donation
Mile High Chiropractic Movement
International Chiropractors Association
Hannah's Health Talk
Geelong Chiropractic
Seaman Chiropractic presents ASRF donation
Seaman Chiropractic
Aimee Pickles
Run for the Kids
Marc Frochot
Speaking at an ASRF event
Raw Chiro
Mr Bone Jangles Christmas Fundraiser
Chircopractic Assistants Association of Australasia
Healthcare Cup
HealthCare Cup
Matty Burton
Dr Billy Chow speaking at a fundraiser
Berkshire Philosophy Event

Are You Passionate About Chiropractic Research?

Do you have an event in mind or are you participating in an activity where you can raise funds? We have a simple process for you to support the Foundation while doing something you love.

  1. Contact us via with information about your event or activity along with a photo
  2. Encourage your family, friends, colleagues and practice members to support you by donating
  3. We set you up with a fundraising page just like this one we made for James. We will give you support in promoting your activity, as well as handling the donations and receipting.
  4. Complete your activity or event knowing you have contributed to research that investigates how chiropractic contributes to community health and well-being!
Fundraising activities