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Spinal Research Hero: Alleve Total Wellbeing

Alleve Total Wellbeing

Alleve Total Wellbeing as have been conducting Movement, Posture, Balance and Stretch classes since June 2019, twice a week,  for a small group (around 3-6 people limited by space available)  to help share the passion for wellbeing and  educate those who wished to attend, the many benefits of movement, flexibility and how we should care for our bodies. These sessions have been short in duration, approximately 30 minutes and have been held for a gold coin donation to the Spinal Research Foundation.

We are proud to share that we have raised $295.  A small donation, but every little bit helps so we will continue these sessions and as our little business grows, we hope that this initiative also grows.

Thank you to all the initiatives shared by the Spinal Research Foundation.

Alleve Fundraiser