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Online Learning

Exclusive Members Videos

Dr Angus Pyke - Staying Connected

An exclusive Members gift for you! Dr Angus Pyke offers up a training session on how to easily create different types of video’s, to help you stay connected with your community and remain front-of-mind with your practice members. (28 Minutes)

Dr Angus Pyke - Social Media Video's - 'Stop the Scroll'

Another gift for you! Dr Angus Pyke has created this training session on how to create engaging video content to “stop the scroll”! Learn from an expert about how to use video as a way to grow your practice. (22 Minutes)

Dr Bettina Tornatora & Dr Jim Karagiannis

In this exclusive video, Jim and Bettina from – LUX Consulting Group offer up some great insights for our Members! (23 Minutes)

Dr Monique Andrews Subluxation Neurology

Dave Fletcher CLA Intro Video FLA Webinar

David Russell - The Gathering #1

David Russell - The Gathering #2