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You’ll be helping to develop a global knowledge-base that delivers certainty, clarity and confidence to our profession.

Our Members share our Vision. By signing up, you’re saying you believe in the philosophy of chiropractic care. You’re fascinated by its potential to improve human function and community wellbeing. And you want to investigate vertebral subluxation and its effects and impacts through our chiropractic paradigm.

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Membership Types

We offer three types of membership:

Full Membership

Our Full Members are qualified chiropractors, or strongly committed community members, who share our Vision and want to play a pro-active roll in enhancing the knowledge-base about chiropractic.

  • For those Members who wish to vote on Foundation matters
  • $40 AUD per month
  • Membership may be tax deductible
  • Opportunity to become a Partner by donating on top of your membership fees

Supporter Membership

Our Supporters are a cooperative of like-minded people who share our health and wellbeing principles and are eager to drive scientific evidence to demonstrate chiropractic’s benefits.

  • For community members who support ASRF’s vision
  • $10 AUD per month
  • This level does not include voting rights and is not available to chiropractors
  • Membership may be tax deductible

Student Membership

Our Student Members are our upcoming generation. Membership provides an opportunity to learn about and contribute to research that complement your studies.

  • For chiropractors in training who wish to invest in chiropractic research
  • A chance to support your learning and invest in your future
  • $50 AUD for lifetime of study
  • Membership may be tax deductible

Benefits of Membership

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Support through each stage of your professional journey as a chiropractor as a student, practitioner, practice owner, researcher and mentor
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Connection with other chiropractors and community members who believe in the wider application of chiropractic
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Access to our Members-only online Portal where you will have access to exclusive content and resources
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Encouragement to develop your research skills
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Opportunity to contribute to developing a knowledge base on vertebral subluxation
Save money, with Member discounts on a range of events and products.
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Annual Report recognition
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Use of the Foundation’s Members Logo for use online and in print
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Membership certificate to display in practice
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Access to our Members-only Facebook group, for early release content and connection with like-minded people
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Receive exclusive gifts from ASRF and our Commercial Supporters.
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Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting
(Full Members only)

Members have exclusive access to our online portal, featuring...

  • A wide range of Members-only resources to support you and your team in practice.
  • Members gifts – video resources, posters, printable research articles, e-books and more!
  • Tools to help you translate research findings into clinical practice.
  • Tools to help you take the next step in your professional journey.
  • Interviews with chiropractic researchers or ASRF members exploring aspects of research, clinical practice and business management.
  • Exclusive fact sheets on our research projects.
  • And much more…
  • Members can log in via the buttons above or go here.
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Become a Partner

Add a monthly donation on top of your membership.

Our Partners are those Members who not only share our vision and philosophy, but are drivers in funding research to fill the knowledge gaps.

This research will enhance our knowledge-base on what is fundamental to our great profession – the vertebral subluxation – and will be centred on producing outcomes with strong, clinical relevance for chiropractors.

Simply add your desired donation amount when filling in the membership form!

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When Dr Amy Haas’s latest paper dropped last month, it did so with an immense amount of anticipation. With the backing of the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation, it had taken on one of the most contentious issues in chiropractic – could we influence immunity and neuroendocrine function, and could this all be tackled through a…

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