ASRF and Other Chiropractic Events

Dynamic Growth Experiences

We know you all miss the ASRF’s Dynamic Growth Congresses and Experiences – so do we!

Our aim is to capture the DG energy and passion that we all know and love. And while we aren’t holding large Congress-style events these days, we believe that our smaller Dynamic Growth Experiences will bring you – our tribe – many amazing opportunities for learning, growing and connecting!.

All of our DGE 2.0’s will have a different focus and theme – some with multiple speakers and others more technique-based, for a deep dive into the content we know you want and love.

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Dynamic Growth Online

Capturing the energy and sense of community that our DG in-person events are famous for…only you get access online, any time.

Our team of expert presenters reveal profound insights and cutting edge strategies on how to apply the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic and clinical practice that will provide clarity, confidence and certainty for the entire team to impact the health and lives of patients and communicate chiropractic effectively within the community.

Lifetime Access when you sign up!

#1: The Science, Art and Philosophy of Patient Mastery (launched – lifetime access)
#2: The CA’s Dynamic Toolkit (launched – lifetime access)
#3: Mastering the Science, Art and Philosophy of Brain-Based Chiropractic (October)

The ASRF Subluxation Summit

This incredible event boasts world-class presenters exploring chiropractic’s vertebral subluxation, and is now available for viewing any time!

We have brought together the world’s leading chiropractors to discuss each of these elements in detail, to help you more deeply understand the vertebral subluxation complex and its components. You’ll leave this event knowing and understanding more about vertebral subluxation, while simultaneously deepening your certainty, confidence and conviction—which will translate to greater impact in practice and service to your community.

Part 1 & 2 – NOW available!

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The Resilience Initiative

This Virtual Summit offers a clear pathway to developing resilience by providing the knowledge, skills, tools and resources that you will need in order to thrive in challenging circumstances affecting every aspect of your health—and your life. Discover how to build unshakable resilience with a proven blueprint from a world-class panel of speakers.

Create the life that you desire with the health that you deserve!

This event is a fundraiser for the Australian Spinal Research Foundation, helping to build a growing body of chiropractic research globally.