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New Descriptive Review Examines Trends in Chiropractic Evidence

In the recent release of the Asia Pacific Chiropractic Journal, a descriptive review of the literature funded and commissioned by the ASRF, collated all data featuring the terms “chiropractic” and “subluxation” emerging between 2019 and November 2022. While we could be forgiven for thinking Covid-19 would halt the course of chiropractic research, it seems the…

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New Study Examines Inter-rater Reliability of ABC Technique Tests

Since 2020, we have spent a lot of time covering studies reporting impressive outcomes in mental health, cognition, adaptability, immune function, physical resilience. We have such a particular interest in this area of chiropractic research that we launched the ASRF Case Report Project in 2021 to see more case reports published in this area. Case…

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Let’s talk more about opioids

Opioids are a tricky topic. There is no side-stepping that. While chiropractic is a profession that aims for drug-free, surgery-free care and the full expression of life without subluxations, it is a fact that opioids are a part of life for many of those under our care. Certainly, some can manage fine, while others may…

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New study looks at Chiropractic care and opioid use for non-cancer pain

In chiropractic circles, we love drug-free, surgery-free healthcare. We realise such things can’t always be avoided, which is why subluxation-based care is a centrepiece to the chiropractic profession and why we nurture the nervous system for the expression of health and life. However, given the topic of opioid overuse and addiction that has been in…

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Case reports examine long covid sufferers under chiropractic care

Throughout the pandemic, all of us had plans, dreams, and aspects of our lives altered. We found ourselves grieving for lost time, lost opportunities, and lost routines. Our lives were decidedly different. However, for most of us these things were returned following the pandemic. Sure, our routines had evolved and our plans had shifted, but…

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Chiropractic and Neuralgic Amyotrophy: A Case Report

Neuralgic amyotrophy isn’t a common condition, and lucky it isn’t! Characterised by severe, acute pain in the shoulder and arm, with weakness, muscle atrophy, and sensory loss soon following, the condition is sudden in its onset, and its causes can be hereditary or idiopathic [1].  While it has been known by many names over the…

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New Case Report Examines Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness

Chiropractic care for vestibular conditions is not unheard of in therapeutic circles. However, its representation in chiropractic literature leaves something to be desired. We know there are a range of case reports on cervicogenic dizziness and vestibular rehabilitation wherein individuals under chiropractic care received relief from symptoms concomitant with chiropractic care, but in the absence…

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