Dynamic Growth 2.0


Personal growth, professional development and practice impact
through the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic.


‘Dynamic Growth 2.0’ describes a range of events for the chiropractic community, brought to you by the ASRF.

We know you all miss the ASRF’s Dynamic Growth Congresses and Experiences – so do we!  The Dynamic Growth movement is a part of the rich tapestry of the ASRF’s 45-year history, and we are thrilled to be revitalising and re-introducing DG, through online and in-person events.

Our aim is to capture the DG energy and passion that we all know and love. And while we aren’t holding large Congress-style events these days, we believe that our smaller Dynamic Growth Experiences will bring you – our tribe – many amazing opportunities for learning, growing and connecting.

Dynamic Growth is primarily a grass-roots movement, recognising the depth of knowledge leadership, invaluable experience and amazing talent available from within the members of the chiropractic community. Dynamic Growth gives this knowledge, experience and talent a forum for expression with an “inside-out” approach.

And all DG events are fundraisers designed to support chiropractic research through the Australian Spinal Research Foundation – how great is that?!

Dynamic Growth Experiences 2023 

All DGE’s will have a different theme and focus, so you can come to all of them! Some will have multiple speakers, with a focus on practice and personal growth, while others will have fewer speakers and be technique-based, for a deeper dive into the content we know you want and love.

Melbourne The Philosophy Symposium & Dynamic Growth Experience co-hosted event. 29th July, 2023. Details below.
Melbourne #2 (to be confirmed) – Dynamic Growth Experience – Deep Dive Seminar – Adult Neurology. November. Details coming soon.

The Philosophy Symposium + DGE

29th July, 2023

Philosophy Symposium + DGE
Melb – July, 2023

This year, The Philosophy Symposium and the ASRF are teaming up to bring you this exciting new event in July.

We can’t wait to see you at the next DGE!