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Kids Books

Chiropractor and Author, Dr Marcus Chacos has released two beautiful kids books, and is donating the proceeds of the books to the ASRF!

You can sell these books in your practice, as a fundraiser for the ASRF. Simply download the poster via the button below, print in whatever size you want and put it up in your practice. Ordering is as simple as using the QR Code! Books will delivered directly to the purchaser.

The Heroic Adventures of Kid Ki’ro

This beautifully illustrated children’s book subtly emphasises the health and lifestyle impact of chiropractic, coupled with a delightful imaginary story. The Heroic Adventures of Kid Ki’ro represents a wonderful book for chiropractors to have in their practices and to share with their patients. Non-preachy, the message of chiropractic is cleverly disguised as Kid Ki’ro lives the chiropractic lifestyle and a reaches for the stars as a result.

ABC Be Healthy

This children’s reader once again subtly alludes to chiropractic, though principally emphasises a healthy lifestyle, so it has universal appeal. Parents and kids from all walks of life will love this remarkable book as they learn to read and uncover the foundational principles of health at the same time. See if you can find the hidden chiropractic messages in the pages of this beautifully illustrated and charming children’s reader.