Spinal Research Hero Month 2022


What is Spinal Research Hero Month?

We’re back for our 4th annual Spinal Research Hero Month!

During the month of March, individuals and practices around the world hold a variety of fundraising activities, to support the Australian Spinal Research Foundation. Participants choose whatever activities they want to do, and they have a blast.

Last March, we raised $25,000 for the ASRF Case Study Project! A huge thank you to our Heroes, Donors and Sponsors!


What are we raising funds for?

In 2022, we are again raising funds for some very important research – the 2nd annual ‘ASRF Case Report Project’. This exciting project is gathering front-line evidence in the form of case study information from Chiropractors like you. The 2021 project is resulting in more than 30 published Case Reports!

We know you see incredible stories and transformations take place in your practice all the time. These stories are the everyday miracles in chiropractic, but did you know they can contribute powerfully to the evidence and narrative about our profession? We are capturing these in a way that is simple and relevant, and transforming them into much-needed case reports focused on the effects of chiropractic care for things like stress, immunity and adaptability.


What activities can you do?

You are only limited by your imagination! One of the most popular activities is having a Super Hero Dress-Up Day or Week, but there were so many great ideas!

Keep an eye out for email and social media updates, or come back to this page in January 2022 for some inspiration and ideas, and to download an Information Kit.

Interested in becoming a Sponsor for 2022 Hero Month?

Get your business in front of thousands of people during Spinal Research Hero Month!

Download some information below, or email Bridget to find out more. bridget@spinalresearch.com.au