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Community Health and Education Events

Community Health and Education Events

We know from experience that many practices have seen wonderful benefits in doing both Spinal Health Checks (which used to be called Public Spinal Screenings) and Health Education Events (including everything from workshops to presentations), and we hope you will too. The most important thing that we have learnt from those who have been holding successful events over time, is that it’s important to hold a vision for your events that goes beyond booking new patients.

These events are a way for you to CONNECT with your community and spread the word about the benefits of Chiropractic. Inevitably though, if you put time and effort into your events, your practice will be energised and inspired, and you’ll be attracting more patients to the practice as well.

We’ve now made it even easier to do an event in support of Spinal Research and chiropractic. You can start by filling out the form below to receive your new ‘Information Kit’. While you’re there, you can register your event or order receipt books. We ask all practices or practitioners to register their event with us, you will find the simple form below.

The Australian Spinal Research Foundation will only be associated with Spinal Health Check events or education talks conducted under our terms & conditions.

For support with your Spinal Health Check or Education Talk please contact us.

Community Health and Education Events


We thank the following practices for their contribution to research by running recent Spinal Health Checks or Health Talks.
  • Action Health Centre

  • Back In Line Chiropractic

  • Be Chiropractic

  • Body in Balance Chiropractic

  • Chiropractic Today

  • Cockburn Central Chiropractic Clinic

  • Geelong Chiropractic

  • Goodwood Chiropractic

  • Instinctive Chiropractic

  • Nervana Chiropractic Palmyra

  • Nervana Chiropractic Yokine

  • Total Balance Chiropractic

  • Nervana Chiropractic Palmyra

  • Up Chiropractic

“Community Spinal Health Checks represent a win for everybody. Members of the public are introduced to chiropractic care and the Australian Spinal Research Foundation receives highly valuable funding from voluntary donations made by the public and the practice receives new patients”.

Dr Fiona Plant (Chiropractor)


Dr Michael Hall Flyer

Functional Neurology with Chiropractic Application

Would you like to know more about Functional Neurology? Doing neurological-based screenings is a great way to bring some energy and excitement to your Spinal Health Check event!


Find out more or purchase your USB from Dr Michael Hall here.

The ABC's of Running a Successful Neurological Screening Cover

The ABC’s of Running a Successful Neurological Screening

Brandi MacDonald and her team have been perfecting Spinal Health Check Events (screenings) & Neurological Screening techniques over a number of years, so Spinal Research has worked with Brandi to create a booklet, which makes up a suite of tools available to those who would like to conduct Spinal Health Check Events, or would like to build their skills around screening techniques.

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