Chronic inflammation has vast consequences, possibly leading to life-threatening conditions, such as atherosclerosis and diabetes. This research investigates the relationship of the subluxation, neuropathy and IVF inflammation as well as the possibility that inflammation and its potential fatal consequences could be forestalled or even prevented by adjustments.

Lumbar intervertebral foramen inflammation plays a critical role in the pathogenesis of low back pain. This process can produce injury or disease to the structures and tissues within and / or adjacent to the IVF. These researchers will measure markers of inflammation and neuropathic pain, before and after adjusting.

This research will investigate a model that may demonstrate the possible fatal, long-term consequences of spinal subluxations as well as the effects of spinal adjustments on such conditions. Such findings have the potential to significantly advance the relevance and understanding of chiropractic care.

Grant Value:$40,000
Chief Investigator:
 Professor Xue-Jun Song, Ronald L.Rupert, Zhijiang Huang, Yankai Zhang – Parker University Research Institute
Status: Complete



  • World Federation of Chiropractic Congress, June 2015. Athens, Greece
    NCMIC Louis Sportelli Original Research Award – 3rd place.