Correcting vertebral subluxations lies at the heart of chiropractic practice. Most chiropractic techniques emphasise the importance of a thorough spinal examination in order to locate and analyse vertebral subluxations and determine the most appropriate approach to facilitate their correction. Yet, no research exists that clearly shows that specific spinal adjustments are of more benefit to nervous system and human function than gross, non-specific, spinal manipulation. This study is the first in a programme of research that will investigate the importance of the artful, masterful application of chiropractic care for improved patient outcomes.

Grant Value: $19,535
Chief Investigator: Dr Heidi Haavik – New Zealand College of Chiropractic
Status: In Progress

Researcher updates:

  • March 2022
    I am pleased to report we have some exciting results from this!!! Sorry about the excessive use of exclamation marks, but I cannot contain how excited I am about our results!!! 😊 We managed to get the data collection complete and have since analysed this. Preliminary results show that specificity (i.e. directing our thrust towards a subluxation) does indeed matter when it comes to neurophysiological outcomes! The group that received a specific adjustment directed at a vertebral subluxation demonstrated significant neurophysiological changes in sensorimotor integration compared to the group that received a thrust directed at a non-subluxated segment.
  • October 2023
    The project is now in the review process, and hopefully publications will be submitted this month.  Watch this space!