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Premium Commercial Supporters


Understanding the public perception of chiropractic, informed consent and the high risk patient, combined with price, policy, customer service and dedication to the profession has made ChiroSecure the fastest growing Malpractice Insurance Program of the last 27 years.

Phone: +1 866 802 4476

The Chiropractic Advocate

Dr. Dan Sullivan has a passion for bringing certainty and growth to the chiropractic profession. Dr. Dan travels worldwide speaking to students, doctors, and the public about the influence of chiropractic and the overwhelming evidence that supports it. After graduating in 2004, he built one of the largest practices in the profession seeing over 1000 visits/week. He also served as a team chiropractor for U.S.A. men’s wrestling in world championships and Olympic games. He is a graduate of the Philosophy Diplomate Program, and his programs and resources help hundreds of chiropractors increase their certainty and results in practice each month.

Phone: +1 402 560 3333

Commercial Supporters

Adio Media

Dr Tony Rose and Dr Angus Pyke.

We teach health practitioners how to share their message and attract high quality new patients using video. We have a range of online courses aimed at chiropractors and other health practitioners.

“Angus and Tony’s training is one of the best I’ve ever seen.” Chris Burfield

Phone: +61 413 803 403


Avante Australia

Avante is a wholesaler of bedding & furniture products.

The Avante Range of products has been in production since 2008 and includes our exclusive “ultimate” metal base, and Hi Lo products.

The complete range includes 19 different models backed by a comprehensive 15 year written guarantee. We also have several styles of Electric Adjustable Beds that include TGA certification.

Phone: +61 7 3284 3133

Bionomic Office Seating

Spinal Neurology meets Ergonomics!

  • Bionomic Seating is the only ATO acknowledged GST Free designed chairs that are clinically proven to help with the strains and stresses of sedentary office work! Listed on the Therapeutics Goods Register.
  • Bionomic Seating saves your back from the postural instability created by the insufficient support of regular office seating. Designed by a Chiropractor, this seating is a must for the corporate or home office.
  • Based on biomechanical science and neuroscience, Bionomics explains the rational solutions to the ergonomic challenges of the day.

Phone: 1300-85-38-85

Chiropedic Bedding

Chiropedic Bedding is an Australian owned and run mattress manufacturer that has been making quality supportive and comfortable mattresses for over 25 years and has been a constant winner of awards for innovation, design and excellence in mattress manufacturing. Our products are so technologically advanced… they’re comfortable!

Innovation is our forte. Our consistent high standard of design and manufacturing using all types of comfort layers (100% natural Latex, Visco-Elastic Memory foam and Cool Gel) and supportive spring systems (Chiro coil, ChiroFlex ES, and Multi Zoned Pocket) has allowed us to cater for all sectors of the sleep and bedding market. We are constantly searching locally and internationally for new ideas while at the same time developing in house our own unique comforts and designs.

Phone: +61 3 9318 1211

Martin Chiropractic Equipment

Originally formed in 1982, Martin Chiropractic Equipment was the brainchild of Sydney chiropractor, Gerry Martin. With a strong interest in engineering and a frustration at being unable to source quality chiropractic equipment, Gerry Martin began to build his own treatment tables, creating a busy manufacturing enterprise that was then continued by George Burns.

In 2006, CME Medical purchased the business, and the current the alliance with Dr Tim Maguire from Complete Care Chiropractic Tables and Service is further strengthening and growing the brand. With a focus on using the finest components and precision manufacturing techniques, today’s Martin tables deliver robust and stable treatment platform which represents keen value and are guaranteed to last.

Martin tables are proudly Australian made.

Phone: +61 2 4340 1258

Quest Chiropractic Coaching

Quest is a world leader in guiding and advising chiropractors with knowledge, wisdom and insight to provide exquisite best practice in the clinical and business skills of chiropractic.

Our coaches are all practicing chiropractors and CA’s who bring the realities of this rapidly changing society to your practice to enable you to keep ahead of the game.

We enable chiropractors and their teams to provide outstanding ethical care with vision, certainty, skill and drive consistent with their unique vision and values having far reaching effects on individuals, families and communities.


SD Protocol

The SD Protocol is a means of looking at our sympathetic nervous system, and how it kicks in our fight or flight mode after a longstanding state of stress. When it activates, our reproductive system, digestive system, immune system and repair functions of the body are suppressed.

Think of it as running from a tiger that wants to eat you, would your body be thinking about digesting food or releasing an egg at this time? The SD Protocol shows you how different conditions are actually linked and solvable, and will empower you will simple strategies and tools to reclaim your health.


Slumbercare Bedding

Slumbercare Bedding specialise in mattresses, bases, pillows and furniture with a huge range to satisfy the needs of any consumer. Brands include Sleep Australasia and the internationally renowned Therapedic (incorporating Back Sense, Pure Touch, Memory Touch, Innergy and Lloyd & Penfield). Slumbercare Bedding set the industry benchmark for quality, value for money and service.

Phone: +61 3 8586 7000


SlumberCorp is an Australian Bedding and Furniture Manufacturing company. Our portfolio of International Brands include SlumberCare, Crown, Springwall, Silent Night, Sleep Revolution, Royale, Sleep Integrity etc. Our next-generation factories, customer-driven approach, domain expertise, technical excellence and unique culture makes us a strategic partner to over 500 Retailers and Independent enterprises.

We enable our clients achieve competitive advantage through global delivery models, just-in-time, agile methodologies and expert frameworks. With 2000+ commercial projects, we have engineered meaningful sleeping solutions to help customers and societies flourish. Our values – Integrity, Passion, Commitment and Trust help us see possibilities where others see a full stop.


SlumberCorp Pty Ltd – HQ Perth   Tel: +61 (0) 8 9358 3100

SlumberCorp Pty Ltd – Darwin  Tel: +61 (0) 8 8947 2701

Switched-on Kids Education

For Mastery of subluxation-based care for children and babies.

Switched-on Kids blends philosophically sound chiropractic care with essential neurological knowledge to maximise your expertise and certainty of Best Practice for little ones.  This is the way to most positively impact the health of our future!

  • Must-do assessments for newborns to teens to clearly demonstrate and monitor nerve interference
  • Specific and effective adjustment techniques to suit each little person
  • Powerful practical advice to enhance and support your care

Small, hands-on workshops with revolutionary accelerated learning techniques ensures maximum results for practice on Monday morning.

Phone: 02 4942 4842



Synaptic Lasers

Portable hand held multi-wavelength lasers by Multi Radiance Medical.

For over 30 years, Dr Brian Sherwood B. App. Sc. (Chiro) searched the world (and his own backyard) to connect chiropractors with tools, ideas and knowledge to be the best in your practice. He learnt early on that investing in your own clinical expertise naturally leads to a successful and healthy practice.

The clinical products brought to you have always been of the highest quality, top of their field and extensive research and development behind each and every innovation.

Join us at one of our laser workshops and discover a whole new world of better outcomes, more referrals and greater practice rewards.

Phone: 03 9088 3223



Therapeutic Pillow Australia

Therapeutic Pillow Australia is the leading producer of Pillows, Posture and Supports for Australian Chiropractors and Health Professionals. All of our products have been designed in close consultation with health professionals and we have a distribution network that covers all of Australia.

Please note that we do not supply retailers, our range is exclusive to health professionals and we have been a proud supporter of Australian Chiropractic for over 40 years.

To register for wholesale pricing please click here.

Phone: 03 8585 6685



Vital Child Chiropractic Education

Vital Child Chiropractic Education was formed in 2016 by Chiropractors Dr Adam Stewart and Dr Paul Chamberlain. Our mission is to serve you, so you can better help children experience optimal health and function, thus creating a healthier world.

We value Chiropractic care for children, recognising its role in creating healthy children, and as a foundation for health and happiness as an adult. We acknowledge the joy involved when serving our youngest people, and we strive to share this with other Chiropractors.

We will achieve our mission by presenting informative, entertaining, and innovating world class seminars to those interested in excelling in infant and child Chiropractic care.

Phone: 03 9435 8788



Zzz Atelier

Zzz Atelier is a new Australian brand started in 2015. Determined to deliver outstanding sleep quality to as many people as we can, we focus on searching for top notch technology and quality where it genuinely impacts your sleep quality, while saving on bells and whistles.

To ensure that we come up with products that are truly perfect for Australian users, we make sure a qualified chiropractor is actively engaged in all stages of our mattress design, every step along the way. The end results? Amazing value mattresses, yet extremely comfortable and healthy sleep, which our customers can attest to, as is evident by overwhelmingly top-rated third party reviews everywhere.

Phone: +61 2 8971 8994



The Australian Spinal Research Foundation does not endorse or give testimony to any of the companies (or their products/services) involved in the Commercial Supporter Initiative.