Chiropractic Student Membership

Students currently studying Chiropractic are welcome to subscribe via this membership to Australian Spinal Research Foundation. Support your future profession by playing your part in supporting research investigating the vertebral subluxation and its effects and impacts through our chiropractic paradigm. This research will enhance our knowledge-base on what is fundamental to our great profession – the vertebral subluxation – and will be centred on producing outcomes with strong, clinical relevance for chiropractors.

We have committed to facilitating $1 million towards quality research investigating vertebral subluxation over the next five years and your membership will help us fulfill this.

Other benefits members enjoy include:

  • Exclusive monthly e-Newsletter including a Members-only chiropractic video
  • Access to exclusive fact sheets on our research projects
  • Discounts and access to a variety of memberships and subscriptions, events and products from a range of chiropractic organisations
  • Use of the Foundation’s Members Logo for use online and in print
  • Discounted products and materials produced by the Foundation – e.g. Research Posters
  • Annual Report recognition.

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