Spinal Research Heroes: Lotus Chiropractic


Join Lotus for The 30 Day Challenge!

Our aim is to raise $1000 for Australian Spinal Research Foundation during their Spinal Research Hero Month!

At Lotus we are all challenging ourselves and getting outside of our comfort zones for 30 days and who knows we may make changes that impact our health for the rest of lives!

We are basing our challenges around the 5 pillars of health that we at lotus call “Principles of a Vitalistic Life”


Connect Well Maintain connection to innate intelligence via optimally functioning nerve system.

Think Well Utilising positive mind power, maximising placebo, reducing stress physiology.

Move Well Optimal posture, breathing, strength and neurological balance.

Eat Well Support people to eat/nourish themselves with plant based diet and minimising toxins.

Sleep Well Adequate rest and rejuvenation promotes optimal growth and healing


How can you join us?

  • Register at reception!
  • Set your 30 day challenge! eg: walk 20 mins every day, drop sugar/caffeine/alcohol, drop screen time for 60 mins before bed, read a book etc
  • Write it down: Commit!!
  • Donate to ASRF via the button below, or at the practice
  • Follow our Facebook & Instagram posts to see how we are all tracking

See the team at reception to sign up or for more information!


Goal: $1,000. Current Donations: $261.1

  • $100026%


Australian Spinal Research Foundation – Thank you so much to the Lotus team and community – we truly appreciate the support