Spinal Research Heroes: Harbour Family Chiropractic Walking Group

As a part of the inaugural Spinal Research Hero Month in 2019, the Harbour Family Chiropractic Walking Group are raised funds for much-needed research!

The walking group is sponsored by the Harbour Family Chiropractic in Port Kennedy. Because of this we have all become very aware of the importance and value of spinal health and maintenance.


Goal: $1,000. Amount Raised $2,462:

  • $1000246%

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Karen Curtis

Jannette Chegwidden

Debbie Ward

Vikki Ward

Gary Thompson

Katie Threfall

Gail Southern

Julie-Ann Collins

M Fitzgerald

Vicki Wilkinson

S Austin

N Patterson

P Hanson

Jade Shipley

B Nicholas

Lloyd Ellis

Kelly Phillips

T Stacey

Sam Harris

Jodie Stoneman

Liam Stoneman

Allie Morrison

Cindy-Lee Armstrong Dodds

Dianne Ashill

Rob Wilson

Ant Nemeth

Colin Hewitson

James Hewitson

Michelle Hewitson

Kelvin Burchell

Dani Sandover

Louise Rhodes Freelance Hairstylist

Joseph Casserly. “I support my beautiful wife Sue.”



Carolyn Jones

Alice Quick

Melanie Hassans. “Ticketyboo darling! Keep up the good work! 🙂”

Bernie Harvey

Ann Merema

Karen Rumble

Valerie Robinson

Ellis Roberts

Liza and Pete Sue

Luke Snelling

Steve and Di Snelling

Danielle Simmonds. “Go Miss L xxx “

Bill and Jane Diggins

Keith Babrovich

Judi Irvine

Jasmin Ballesty “Go Miss Lorna! You are a legend xo”

Jane Schwenke

Animesh Verma

Deborah Edmonds. “Good luck ladies! You are doing a fabulous job!”

Debbie and Phil

Diana Robinson

Michelle Reed

Rose Edwards

Pat Davie. “Well done, Lorna”

Lorinda Hilliard. “Go, ginger ninja ! 😃”

Alan McDonald

Joe and Tina Andrews

Jo Armstrong

Trish Kenwright

Joan Thompson

Maureen Mackay

Julie Fraser

Brianna Elliott. “Well done everyone!!”

Gillian Brown

Claire Durnin. “Great work mum (Kate Heger)”

Ellie Askew

Terry Steaeker

Ellie and Glenn T class

Cheryl Blake Davis

Kelly Dunstable

Grant and Kellie Tigchelaar

AnneMarie Tigchelaar

Kyle Tigchelaar Davis

Henk and Dinnie Tigchelaar

Rodney Sargent

Brock Sargent

James Rankine

Irene Smith

Gary Snelling

Sam Snelling

Nancy Brook

Janet and Dave Richards

Samuel Simpson

Port Kennedy Tavern

Deb Mostyn

Jackie Sage

Kathy Ori

Eileen Knight


Hayley Dallimore

Pauline Dallimore

Gilduff Family

Shannon Castensen. “For Nanna-Kate, love Brax & Louis”

Doug and Jan Simmcock. “Go Sue”

Nikki Baluk

Kim and Karl Roberts

John Bozzi

Brett Smith

Tony Marciano 

Joe Heger

Tash Willetts. “Love Tanayah and Cooper xx”

Pure Romance by Tina Wilkinson

Amanda Prior. “Go Nanna (Sue Casserly). Love Harvey xxx”

Kelvin Burchell

Terry Kim. “Keep up the good work Lorna! :)”

Shannon Casto

Australian Spinal Research Foundation – Thank you so much to the Harbour Family Chiropractic Walking Group – we truly appreciate the support 

Harbour Family Chiro Walking Group