Party with a Purpose

We love the idea of people having fun while fundraising! We’ve been inspired by people who have held some great events and raised a whole heap of money for chiropractic research.

The thing that’s so exciting to us is that you can hold a small event like a dinner party, or a big event like a ball – so you’re not limited by having to spend heaps of time, money or effort to get involved. You can turn your regular girl’s get-together or boy’s poker night into an opportunity to raise awareness of a cause you’re passionate about, while at the same time doing some fun stuff to raise money.

Your first step is to think about what type of event you would like to hold. Are you going for a simple get together or a big bash? We’ve come up with a zillion ideas for events, ranging from something as simple as a Movie Night or BBQ, to a legendary Dance Party or Ball.

You’re only limited by your imagination!

Here’s 3 reasons to think about holding your own Party with a Purpose (as if you need a reason):

  1. You’ll have something awesome to look forward to. It’s as great to anticipate an event as it is to savour the experience. If our lives are a product of what we think about the most, as spoken about in many philosophies, then why not think about having FUN?!
  2. It’s the perfect reason to get together with your friends or do some team-building. Let’s face it, who really needs an excuse to hang out with friends? It’s also much more exciting and energising to plan and share your event with your tribe, whether that’s your friends or your work team.
  3. You’re pretty much guaranteed to have a giggle. Laughing has been proven to have a wide range of positive health results, including soothing stress, stimulating your organs through increased oxygen intake, and relieving pain, amongst other things! Who needs a better reason to party???

Oh…and don’t forget you’d be raising important funds for Spinal Research, which is of course the bit that’ll make you feel all good inside. And remember, if your idea of a wild party is a Tea Party, that’s ok – we don’t judge!  Here’s what you need to do…

  1. Register your event/s with us (if you haven’t already) via the online registration form below  or call us on +61 73801 2000 or email:
  2. Let all of your friends know! Make sure to let people know that they can donate even if they don’t attend.
  3. Hold your event!
  4. Donate the money you raised to support research, and sit back feel the love and appreciation from the community and from us!

We here at Spinal Research are so grateful for the effort you are going to in your fundraising for us.