This study aims to increase awareness of Chiropractic management and the degree to which it can be beneficial to patients who suffer from asthma. Patients who present to the chiropractic clinic and are diagnosed or established to have this breathing disorder will be approached to participate in this study. A total of 50 patients suitable for this study will be recruited from the Macquarie University’s two outpatient clinics to participate.  The study involves mobilising the ribs and hypomobile segments in the spine (release hypertonic respiratory muscles i.e. intercostal, diaphragm accessory respiratory muscles) (1), adjusting the subluxated segments (2,3).

Research plan: Patients diagnosed with asthma who are under medical management and who voluntarily attend chiropractic care, are asked to breath into a spirometer (disposable mouth piece) before and after chiropractic management. Results from the test will be culminated and statistically analysed. From this project it is anticipated to show the therapeutic value of chiropractic treatment for asthma.

Grant Value: $2000
Chief Investigator: Dr Ray Hayek
Status: Complete


  • International Conference on Spinal Manipulation, September 2000. Bloomington, USA
    Hayek, R., Ali, S., Curson, P., Beirman, R., & McKelvey, S-E. (2000). A multisite trial: chiropractic and asthma with physiological markers. 9-9. Abstract