Chiropractic theories advocate that physiologic effects of chiropractic adjustments have an effect upon the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). These theories are used to explain the mechanisms to justify the clinical benefits observed in patients with Type O disorders receiving chiropractic care.

Because a validated research model of vertebral subluxation has yet to be defined, The objective of this study is to examine the effects of chiropractic adjustments on somato-sympathetic responses in an ovine model of cervical disc degeneration.

Not only is cervical disc degeneration a common spinal condition affecting human kind, it also provides a unique opportunity to study a subgroup of vertebral subluxation, characterized by altered mechanical loading with biochemical consequences.

Grant Value: $40,000
Chief Investigators: 
Christopher Colloca – Research Scientist Department of Kinesiology Arizona State University, Robert J. Moore Head – Adelaide Centre for Spinal Research, Robert Gunzburg – Eeuwfeestkliniek Hospital, Antwerp, Belgium
Status: Complete