This study describes the disability and outcome perceptions of acute and chronic workcare and non-workcare patients.


Eight chiropractors were requested to recruit patients, taking care to include workers compensation cases. Patients were requested to complete up to 3 questionnaires. The first questionnaire to be completed on admission, the second 3 weeks later or on discharge, whichever occurred first. A third questionnaire was to be completed by patients still receiving care at 3 months. Questions focused on outcome expectations and pain and disability perceptions. Practitioners were asked to document the patient’s level of disability and comment on their outcome expectations.


One hundred and sixteen patients entered the study, 57% were acute on admission and 53% of all patients recruited had been injured at work. Few discrepancies emerged between workcare and non workcare patients. The outcome expectations of both patients and chiropractors were more positive for acute cases although the outcome expectations of chronic patients was less negative after chiropractic care than on admission.


Although the size of the sample precludes generalisation, this study does emphasise the importance of judging each case on its merits and not permitting preconceived notions to cloud the outcome expectations of individual workcare cases.

Grant Value: $12,625.07
Chief Investigator: Dr Jennifer Jamison
Status: Complete