This study aims to investigate the effects of chiropractic adjustments on brain function, specifically the prefrontal cortex (PFC), using functional MRI and advanced computational methods e.g. multivariate pattern decoding. The PFC plays a central role in higher-level cognition and modulation of cognitive control. It is implicated in various complex behaviours, including stress response and emotion regulation in resilience. This is a first of its kind fMRI study that would allow identification and localisation of the changes at neural level that may underlie the positive effects of chiropractic care on emotion regulation behaviour.

Grant Value: $36,487
Chief Investigator: Dr Adrian Wenban – Barcelona College of Chiropractic.
Status: In Progress

Researcher Update:

  • May 2023
    The FMRI study project aims to leverage functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to explore further and understand the effects of chiropractic therapy on the human brain. Following a rigorous design phase, our research team is currently progressing through the stages of project implementation and anticipate reaching critical milestones across this and the coming year.