This preliminary clinical trial will examine the effects of vagal nerve activation via cervical chiropractic adjustments on clinical outcomes in patients with colon cancer. Specifically, we hypothesize that participants randomly assigned to receive cervical chiropractic adjustments will have higher heart rate variability (HRV), better health-related quality of life (QOL) and lower levels of both pain and a colon cancer tumour marker, than controls. We aim to recruit 80 participants with advanced colon cancer (stage III-IV) who will be measured at baseline for QOL, pain, HRV and a colon cancer marker. Thereafter, they will be randomized to receive the intervention or sham for 10 weeks. Follow up will be at specific intervals across 6months.

Grant Value: $39,850 (Co-Funded with the UCA)
Chief Investigator: Adrian Wenban & Yori Gidron Barcelona College of Chiropractic
Status: In Progress

Researcher update:

  • October 2021
    Unfortunately Covid has caused delays with the gathering of data.  We are hoping to have new updates to share very soon.