The Gathering

The Foundation is excited to bring The Gathering to you. 

We heard you! Many of you told us you missed our connection to you, and to one another. This a great opportunity to network with like-minded teams, gain strategies to grow your practice and support Spinal Research. We have an amazing line up of speakers who will leave you with practical tips to assist you in practice on Monday morning.

Why attend The Gathering?

  • Get inspired to SERVE BIGGER – armed with current research, better communication and stronger leadership skills
  • Members receive a discount to remove the barrier for you and your team to attend
  • Learn cutting edge communication tactics and growth strategies that Chiropractors are implementing in their practice
  • Team training- where else can you take your team for such a reasonable price to inspire and train them all at the same time.

Event Details

Date: Sunday 21 October 2018

Time: 8.30am – 5.00pm

Venue: Citadines on Bourke Melbourne, 131-135 Bourke Street Melbourne

Seminar venue is central to public transport and food opportunities for meal breaks.



Dr. Tony Croke


The LIKE-TRUST Paradox with Dr. Craig Foote

People pleasing is common place within healthcare professions. Whilst the healthcare professional’s intention to help is genuine, in its application, people pleasing actually undermines trust. Craig will share how he successfully made the shift away from people pleasing to becoming a well respected healthcare professional in his community and how you can make the transition as well.

Dr. Craig Foote is a chiropractor of 20 years’ experience. He is a co-founder of the Nervana Chiropractic Group and owns and operates his practice with his wife Cath in Perth Western Australia. An Award winner, he and his team have won service awards and in 2012 he won a prestigious “40 under 40” award, which identifies the top 40 business people in the state un-der 40. Craig has been coaching chiropractors for the past 10 years and in recent times has been coaching under his label “Chiropractic Flight School.” Craig currently has coaching cli-ents in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. When he’s not coaching, running a practice and being father of three he also is the current President of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation.


Ramp up your Retention with Dr. Martin Harvey

The truth is that most people who come into our practices don’t care about chiropractic. They don’t care about subluxation. Most of them don’t even care about health. They do care about the things they have to do, love to do or see as their role or identity to do. And the truth is that you, as a chiropractor, can help people do these things better. In this presentation Martin will show you why people stay (and why they leave) and what you can do to help them WANT to stay for longer.

The Greatest Mentors with Dr. Erin Hawkin

When we talk about our successes and achievements, we rarely take time to credit the people who have influenced us. We all have people in our lives that have helped shape the way we view and interact with the world around us. These people play an invaluable role in our lives – challenging our paradigms and opening new horizons. Erin will share the story of her greatest mentors and the invaluable lessons they imparted on her to help her grow into the person and Chiropractor she is today.

The Laws of Vitality with Brandi MacDonald

Just like physics has laws, so does Vitality. To run a practice that is vitality focused and communicate beyond pain to our community, we must understand, honour and teach the simple laws. This session covers the top 5 laws of Vitality and how you and your team can move your practice toward a more congruent model of practice, focusing on the worlds potential, NOT their problems. Leaving with practical, ready to implement communication skills Monday morning.

Brandi MacDonald is the owner of True Concepts Inc. and True Concepts Seminars which specializes in educating doctors and Chiropractic Assistant’s on spreading the word of chiropractic through Universal Principles. She is an internationally renowned speaker, Author, and coach. Previously highlighted on the Dr. Phil show for her transformation of her health and life change through Chiropractic care, she has spent her career learning the complexities of Chiropractic in an effort to simply the message to the masses. She is the former Executive Director of the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations, current board member of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation.


Dr. Malcom Rudd


Raising Consciousness with Dr. Nimrod Weiner

Chiropractic implies that the subluxation impacts a person’s perception of their world, and their ability to respond to it. Perception and response are key parts of consciousness. So, could this mean that through chiropractic we are impacting a person’s consciousness? If so, what exactly does this mean? And could consciousness be a key to how you – the chiropractor and your team – could see what you’re doing with more depth, meaning and fulfilment?

Nimrod is passionate about the potential chiropractic has to impact the health and life of every person and the World at large, viewing chiropractic as the social driver that will shift people in to a new paradigm of living, reaching their greatest human potential. He is dedicated to ensuring that chiropractors have greater confidence, certainty and credibility in chiropractic, in a way that is congruent with the philosophy of chiropractic, manifesting through its paradigm, science, practice, communication and politics. Nimrod has been a long-standing member of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation, and has been on various chiropractic boards in Australia, the UK and Spain, and practices in Sydney.


Think Inside The Box with Dr. Marcus Yeo

‘Think Inside The Box’ is about simplifying our business practices, making sure that we don’t get distracted. Bright lights and shiny offerings often divert us from the basic mechanisms necessary to run a successful health care business. Keeping our thinking about the things happening inside our practice – the box – make the biggest impact on our day to day success rather than trying to come up with the next big idea.

Dr Marcus Yeo is passionate and enthusiastic about blending modern opportunities and thinking with the tried and true principles of running a chiropractic practice. He currently runs a lifestyle based wellness centre with 11 health professionals who combine to provide a truly holistic offering to the members of their community. Ever since his first exposure to the Australian Spinal Research Foundation he has been a member, keen contributor and the key driver behind the current donation boxes. Life away from practice involves lots of running, great food and adventures with the love of his life Georgie and their daughter Elke.


Couples in Chiropractic

The most powerful influencers are our closest relationships. The concentric circle of influence dictates the closer the circle, the more influence someone has. In Chiropractic these relationships are often overlooked in our success, yet they are so powerful. For this panel, we not only found 3 couples who are “coupling” successfully, but run incredibly successful businesses. Each couple has a unique take on being in relationship and what that means to their success. You can be guaranteed to not only learn, but be entertained with these six people.

This panel discussion facilitated by Brandi MacDonald, will include Dr. Tony Croke, Tiffani Clingin, Dr. Craig Foote, Cath Foote, Dr. Martin Harvey and Nicole Byrne.

More amazing speakers will be announced shortly!

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