“Over the next 5 years, Spinal Research is committed to

facilitating $1Million towards quality research

investigating vertebral subluxation”.

The Chiropractic Research Partnership (CRP) is creating more research, faster!

We believe that people deserve a healthy, happy life, and that chiropractic helps them achieve it. The Partnership helps build more knowledge in support of chiropractic, which grows certainty within the profession and allows chiropractic to position itself as primary pillar of community health.

We invite you to make a difference by joining with others who want chiropractic at the forefront of pro-active, natural health care…

Why do we need a Chiropractic Research Partnership?

We know that remarkable lifestyle improvements and health outcomes can be achieved with chiropractic care. To the detriment of the profession, the research science which would provide greater understanding and confidence in chiropractic care is lacking.

What needs to be done?

We need a research solution.

  • As a profession, we have taken too long to produce too little research
  • We cannot sustain the profession by maintaining the status quo when health reform is rampant, globally
  • We need to build a comprehensive evidence base that will give more credibility to the profession

What will be the result of more research, faster?

A more comprehensive evidence base will be available to:

  • Empower chiropractors to take better care of more people
  • Improve credibility and respect for chiropractic across the broader health sector
  • Allow us to communicate the benefits of chiropractic care to the community, which will result in chiropractic becoming a first choice in health care
  • Increase consumer confidence, resulting in more patients
  • Support efforts in lobbying for the profession in relation to health policy
  • Advocate for chiropractic in public relations
  • Inform teaching institutions.

What do my CRP donations go towards?

  • Running the research program
  • Facilitation of grants and collaborative partnerships
  • Creating more research, faster

What’s in it for me professionally?

You will contribute to shaping the future of chiropractic!

  • Have more certainty as you practice
  • Secure your professional future
  • Be linked with others who have a passion for the success of chiropractic – join your ‘tribe’
  • Benefit from improved peer credibility across the health sector
  • Obtain more referrals from the medical and allied health professions
  • Receive research progress reports and communications
  • Be acknowledged as a Chiropractic Research Partner on Spinal Research’s website
  • Receive a Chiropractic Research Partnership display certificate for your practice
  • Patient appreciation for your contribution to advancing their health care
  • Advance the opportunity for chiropractors as leaders in health and wellness
  • By being a Partner in the Chiropractic Research Partnership you will have a sense of pride, fulfilment and optimism for the future

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