Annual Report 2017 – 2018

It has been another massive year of capacity building and research.

Here’s what we have been working on. Together we are making a difference.

Research Highlights

The Impact of Chiropractic Adjustments on Brain Function and Integration

Professor Bernadette Murphy, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Do you have days when you reach for an object and miss, or seem to make a lot more typos than usual? A vertebral subluxation is an area in the spine of altered biomechanical and neurological function, which is treated by chiropractors. Vertebral subluxations alter the sensory feedback from the spine to the brain, and can affect your brain’s ability to blend information coming from other senses, affecting co-ordination and the ability to learn new movements. This project is measuring whether chiropractic care can improve eye-hand coordination, brain function and the learning and performance of complex new movements.

The Accuracy, Reliability, and Validity of the Sacral Leg Check

Dr Kelly Holt PhD, New Zealand College of Chiropractic

Tests of sacral function are an integral component of many chiropractic techniques, however, individual tests that include sacroiliac joint motion have generally been found to have limited reliability and validity. The sacral leg check is routinely used in chiropractic practice but it’s clinical utility has not yet been adequately assessed. This project will evaluate the psychometric properties of the sacral leg check. This will include an assessment of the reliability, validity, and sensitivity to change of the test. This should be of interest to chiropractors and educators who routinely use and teach the use of this test as a means of analysing subluxations in the sacroiliac region.

Reliability Of the Objective Synchronous Test as used in Abc™ 

Dr Beau Woods MPH, Torrens University Australia

Many of the methods commonly utilised in chiropractic practice have low reliability or conflicting results. There is no universally agreed upon ‘gold standard’ test for detecting subluxation, meaning that a validity study is not possible. However, the agreement between different chiropractors testing the same person can be measured statistically. The objective synchronous test is the primary procedure used by chiropractors trained in Advanced BioStructural Correction™ to determine where to adjust. This study aims to evaluate both the inter-rater and intra-rater reliability of this test. This research is important because the reliable detection of subluxation is fundamental to the clinical practice of chiropractic.

Key Achievements

Foundation's approval of $100,000 of high impact research grants for the coming period
24% reduction in overall total expenditure over the last 12 months *
Increased our global membership and supporter base to now cover 18 different countries
Reinvesting in core mission innovation to grow our supporter base, research facilitation opportunities and drive our Research Agenda
Successful implementation of strategies and processes to increase organisational effectiveness and efficiency, as well as reduce overall organisational costs
* A 24% reduction in overall expenses in FY2017/18 ($555,541) compared with the overall expenses in FY2016/17 ($731,330)

Impact Through Research

Our Vision is a clear understanding of vertebral subluxation. We engage researchers to investigate the impact of chiropractic care on the quality of life of an individual and on their community, through a deeper understanding of the:

  • Reliability, validity and reproducibility of vertebral subluxation measures of identification
  • Impact of a vertebral subluxation and an adjustment
  • Epidemiology of the vertebral subluxation
  • Impact of the vertebral subluxation and the adjustment on the community.

In 2017 the Foundation launched a new and exciting research agenda. Rather than having our research driven by the individual interests of the researchers, the Foundation set about creating a framework that would piece together a more fundamental understanding of chiropractic. The Research Agenda was developed through an in-depth global consultation process. It was quite clear through this consultation process that the profession has a great need to get this research done, and it is a process we were excited and honoured to take the lead in.

By 2022: Investigate the impact of Chiropractic care on the quality of life of an individual and on their community:

  1. What is the definition of subluxation?
  2. Can subluxations be identified validly, reliably and reproducibly?
  3. What are the impacts of a subluxation and an adjustment?
  4. What is the epidemiology of the subluxation?
  5. What are the impacts of the subluxation and the adjustment on the community?

After launching our Research Agenda last year, we have now gone to work, with the first item already complete. This first element was to formulate and adopt a conceptual definition of vertebral subluxation. This definition has been citied in several respected publications. For the purpose of the research agenda, Australian Spinal Research Foundation currently defines that:

“A vertebral subluxation is a diminished state of being, comprising of a state of reduced coherence, altered biomechanical function, altered neurological function and altered adaptability.

Our 2017 grant program called for applications from researchers looking to explore one or both of the following items:

  • Investigate reliability, validity and reproducibility of vertebral subluxation measures of identification
  • Investigate the impact of a vertebral subluxation and an adjustment

In 2017, 19 Expressions of Interest from around the globe were received and reviewed by both our Clinical Advisory Panel and Research Committee as they progressed through our two-step process. Of these 19 expressions of interest, 10 were invited to put in a full grant proposal. This resulted in the Foundation awarding the three grants detailed in this report.

The Board would like to thank all the members of the Clinical Advisory Panel and the Research Committee for their time in reviewing applications. We would also like to thank our members for allowing us to explore ways to facilitate funding from other organisations looking to utilise our process.

The results of all our research is communicated with you, our members exclusively, via Factsheets on individual projects and to the profession via our blog which this year has continued to deliver outstanding research in a format easily understood.

Dr Angus Pyke, Research Agenda Working Committee Chair

Our Vision is a clear understanding of vertebral subluxation

Global Focus

There’s never been a more important time than now to be a Member of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation. Thank you for your ongoing support and your loyalty to the Foundation. The fact of the matter is that we need more people just like you!

People who understand that if we do not investigate the many facets of subluxation, we will never fully understand the impact of what we see in practice. With more like-minded people in our tribe supporting the Foundation we can scale our research output without greater cost. That has been our focus in the past year. I was humbled by the support of our members in Queensland at the CAA(QLD) liquidation vote. There was a motion to donate funds to the Foundation. A vote of 75% was required and we fell short at 67%. Whilst we were disappointed at the financial result, it was clear that the Foundation has many supporters. It was also a gentle reminder to those who have differing viewpoints that we are not in fact the minority.

Our little Foundation based here in Australia is becoming a global focus of vitalistic research. There is massive potential in expanding our membership world-wide and we must continue to grow. In more recent months we have seen our membership rising due to our international focus, but it is important to also remember it all started with people like you. The past year has seen us invest in a funding consultant (because we believe that others should be paying for this research as well), overhauling our membership levels and adding benefits for our members. The year to come will see further expansion and more global impact.

Dr Craig Foote, Foundation President

Strategy Based On Three  Strategic Goals

Leading facilitation in quality vertebral subluxation focused research

Consistent financial sustainability and growth

Engaging the profession in our research agenda

Gaining Momentum

Over the last year, the Foundation has continued to explore alternate sources of revenue to support our Research Agenda. Work has continued along the advice of the professional fundraising consultant and the fundraising agenda formulated in 2017/18 to accomplish this.

While it was necessary to discontinue the Dynamic Growth Congress events from a financial point of view with the diminished numbers and high administrative cost, the reduced income stream from these events has been noticed as we strive to find viable and sustainable alternate revenue streams.

The move to the smaller office while renting out the previous office was performing well with this income stream from rent a good source of income until we lost our tennant. The Board have made the decision to sell this office or secure another long term tennant though we have been unable to rent it out or sell it as yet. This has created some short term strains on the Foundation’s cash flow.

The changes to our membership structure and the push into more world-wide members is gaining momentum and will be a good source of funds to fund the Research Agenda moving forward.

I acknowledge the ongoing support, loyalty and diligence of the Spinal Research office team who are working tirelessly to move the Foundation forward to achieve our goals.

Dr Malcolm Rudd, Treasurer

A.O.Hart Kennedy Aaron McPherson Aaron Scott Adam Curwood Adam Rocchi Adam Smith Adam Stewart Addison Bulosan Adrian Couzner Aidan McGuigan Alacoque Welsh Alan Hagen Alex Nunn Alex Rodwell Alfie Arcidiacono Alfie Dimalanta Alicia Dender Alisa Williams Alison Asher Alison Schwarz Alison Young Allan Lambert Alliance for Chiropractic Amy Haas Andrew Bartolich Andrew Broughan Andrew Cameron Andrew Harwood Andrew Iggo Andrew Lawrence Andrew Leece Andrew McColl Andrew McGregor Andrew Ross Andrew Smith Andrew Stevenson Andrew Timbs Andrew Tyler Andrew Ziakas Andrija Mladenovic Andrina Chien Angela Gebert Angela Todd Angelo Santin Angus Pyke Annette Pickford Anthea Holder Anthony Coxon Anthony Golle Anthony Ngo April Traynor Ari Diskin Ashley Campbell-Bird Awaken Chiropractic Applecross Back In Line Chiropractic Be Chiropractic Beau Woods Ben Humphries Ben Phillips Benjamin Davidson Benton Atkins Bernard Connolly Berni Ireland Bettina Tornatora Bill Trevens Billy Chow Blossom Family Chiropractic Bogdan Ilijasevic Brad Atkinson Brandi MacDonald Braxton Turnage Brenden Pascoe Bret Hansell Brett Crawford Brett Foote Brett Hill Brett Lillie Brett Lodding Brian Dooley Brian Kelly Bridget Rodoni Bridie Cullinane Bronwyn Lakay Bronwyn McNamara Bruce Steinberg Bruce Whittingham Bryan Wright Bryn Gillow Caitlin  Nugent-O'Leary Calum Morley Cameron Staggard Camille Nelson Camille Rahme Candice Haynes Carlin Chiropractic Clinic Carmen Atkinson  Caroline De Groot Caroline Taylor Cath Foote Catherine Andrews Catherine Bushnell Chad O'Connor Chelsea Dickins Cherie Johnson Cherie Murdock Cherine Weiland Cheryl Schmitt Chiropractic Life NT (Casaurina) Chiropractic Today Chloe Anderson Christian Beaudry Christina Dryden Christine Kwon Christine Thatcher Christophe Vever Christopher Hart Christopher Hume-Phillips Christopher Kay Christopher Munro Clay Blight  linton McCauley Cockburn Central Chiropractic Clinic Colleen Forbes Craig Brady Craig Foote Craig Haywood Crystal Newton Damian Kristof Damien O'Dwyer Dan Ceballos Dan Sullivan Daniel Bank Daniel Knowles Daniel Malone Daniel Sim Daniel Smith Darren Gray Darren Little David Cahill David Fletcher David Hendrey David McLaren David Minns David Russell David Serio David Tasker Dean Carter Dean Potapinski Dean Sutton Deanne Esposito Denise Lindley Dennis Richards Dina Tsonis Dominic Flynn Don MacDonald Dorte Bladt Doug Herron Douglas Hren Duanne Spiccia Earl Murray Edna Giuntini Elizabeth Conlon Ella Jurek Emma Piovesan Engrid Stevenson Eric Slead Erin Hawken Erin McIntosh Erin Ponton Esyltt Graham Eva McQueen Explore Health Felicity Cook Fiona Crawley Fiona Pearcey Firas Hasan Frank Portelli Frank Triantafyllou Gabriella Palomares Garry Coleman Gary Gray Gary Patterson Gary Tho Gavin Tran Geelong Chiropractic Genevieve Dharamaraj Geoff Hay Georgia Miles Gilles Lamarche Gillian Allport Glenn Maginness Goodwood Chiropractic Goran Mladenovic Graham Tripp Grant Bond Gray Moritz Greg Venning Gregory Parker Gustav Gunther Hammond Park Chiropractic Hance Limboro Hannah Flynn Hannah Pickford Hayden Belle Hayden Thomas Heather McColl Helen Alevaki Helen Summers Iain Hennessy Iain Praeger Ian Edwards Ian Hope Ian McNeil Instinctive Chiropractic Irene Chin Irene Gold Irene O'Brien Jacey Pryjma Jack Bourla Jacqueline Howard James Gardiner James MacKay James Sidebottom James Staciwa James Whillans Jane Simbre Janice Chan Janine Kinahan Janine Ritchie January Mierzejewski Jaslin Hood Jason Deitch Jason Geres Jason Lake Jason Mawby Jay Komarek Jean-Marc Slak Jeff Mathews Jelena Rudic Jenelle Bourgeois Jenna Davis Jennifer Barham-Floreani Jennifer Butcher Jennifer Luu Jeremy Sangster Jeremy Thomas Jessica Han Jessica Monaghan Jessica Svennes Jill Hopley Jim Karagiannis Joanna Revilla Jody Adams-Shawn John Gooch John Hinwood John Sichter John Swatland Jon Powderly Jonathan Echeverria Jonathan Hobson  Jordan Zuvela Jose Guterres Josephine Sexton Joshua Cutrell Josie Barnes Julie Day Julie Gray Julie Kowaleski Julie Middleton Julie Uren Justin Bongiorno Justin Pellow Kain Walker Karen Feeley Karen Hall Karen Hayes Karen Jaffe Karen Kulevski-Gibb Karen Meldrum Karen Moriarty Kari Swain Karissa Stallwood Kate Daniel Kate Granger Kate Wong Katelyn McGregor Kathie Cole Kathryn Devine Kathryn Rock Kathy Goodwin Kathy  Johansson Kathy Rasch Katie Moss Katie Willes Kazu (Joji) Nisino Keith Farrugia Keith Livingstone Ken Rasura Kevin Humphreys Kieran Whelan Kim Elliott Kim Jom Kimberli Forbes-Smith Kimberlie Furness Kingsley Anthonisz Kristian Rodoni Kylie Loxton Lacey Book Laura Colman Laura Conroy Laura Harding Laura Rehmer Lauren Kinnane Lawson Heath Lazar Jancic Lea Smith Leigh Pedersen Leigh Sheldrick Leisha Bickley Leonie Lancaster Leslie Carroll Liam Schubel Lichia Cheong Linda Power Lindy Cheetham Lisa Clark Lisa Jones Lisa Naera Lisa Shelton Little Sprouts Chiropractic Live! 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Commerical Supporters

We thank and acknowledge our 2017-2018 Commerical Supporters for their contribution to chiropractic research.

ADIO Media

Emphasis On Governance

Over 40 years ago, a group of chiropractors with a love of their profession and a passion to see it survive and thrive, came together to establish our Foundation. Today, the Board continues this work with our research making a global impact. Our membership now reaches further across the world than ever before with members in 18 different countries.

The Foundation’s Board ensures that we fulfil the purpose for which we were established.  They do this through maintaining strategic direction, culture, ethics and policy. In addition to funding approval for all research studies, the Board are responsible and accountable for the Foundation’s financial management, human resources, operational duties and compliance with all legal, financial and ethical obligations. All members of the Board are volunteers who freely donate their time, energy and professional expertise.